Payment Policy

The Customer can only purchase the products present in the Montis Giovanni electronic catalog at the time the order is forwarded and which can be viewed at the address (URL), as described in the relative information sheets. The technical information included in the site faithfully reproduces those of the manufacturers of the goods included in the catalogue. Montis Giovanni therefore reserves the right to modify the technical information of the products to adapt them to those provided by the producers, without the need for any notice. It is understood that the image accompanying the description of a product may not be perfectly representative of its characteristics, and may differ in colour, size, products, accessories
present in the figure
Correct receipt of the order is confirmed by Montis Giovanni by means of an e-mail reply, sent to the e-mail address communicated by the Customer. This confirmation message will contain the Date and Time of execution of the order and a ‘Customer Order Number’, to be used in any further communication with Montis Giovanni. The message re-proposes all the data entered by the Customer who undertakes to verify its correctness and to promptly communicate any corrections, according to the methods described in this document.

Price of products
The sales prices indicated on the site are expressed in euros (€) and are shown with taxable income and VAT, including the WEEE Eco-contribution, but do not include delivery costs. The Montis Giovanni company reserves the right to change the prices at any time, but undertakes equally to apply the prices indicated on the site at the time the order is placed.